It's simple really.. but i'll break it down.

Buying local promotes more local wealth.

As THE RE STORE is a non-profit organisation we don't actually take in any money other than to keep us running; the highest percentage goes to the artist that we support! But that's what we're about. All of our artists are local so by buying from us you put money back into our community and money back into our store so we are able to keep doing what we do best!

Buying local reduces the use of fossil fuels

All of the energy that is used to transport goods to big chains contributes to global warming and unhealthy air quality. At THE RE STORE we use paper bags and brown paper to wrap up our products.

Keep our community unique

In Morecambe the one-of-a-kind shops are important to keep Morecambe's distinct character. Even though Morecambe is run down in parts - even more reason to support the local businesses that are already here! Right round the corner from THE RE STORE is The Exchange and Textile Candy two local businesses that have some amazing handmade products that need your support as well! Supporting us means that we are able to put our big dreams into practice. It also gives other people the confidence to start up their own business, if they see us being successful. Let the regeneration of Morecambe begin!

And most importantly..

Support your friends!! your colleagues, your family!

Christmas is just around the corner take a second and think who you are buying from.

'Remember, the BIG stores don't do a little 'JIG' when they make a sale. Make someone 'JIG' this year..'

I came across this beauty of a quote and it fits in so well. When we made our first sale I threw my hands up in the air and shouted 'YES' it's the little things...

Invest in your community and your friends!

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