Hello! Congratulations you are a stall holder!

Here is all the information you need for the day and a checklist of what we need from you! 

We are so happy to have you at our Virtual Christmas Market! Our last one was such a fun and successful day we hope this one will be too! But, if you want to make the absolute most of it we need a few things from you first!  

First of all please pay your £10 stall fee via this PayPal link: https://paypal.me/WestEndImpactTheRest?locale.x=en_GB

Your stall will only be reserved after we have received your payment! The deadline for this is the 3rd of December! 

Secondly, we need a video showcasing your brand! It can be no more than a minute long and can be anything you want. This video is for your SECOND feature! Please make sure your video is landscape!! Here is an example of the type of video you can create but of course you can be as creative as you want! 

We would love it if you could share this image on your social media and tag The Re Store to advertise the event! 

VCM-stall holder.jpg

Here's a run down on what will happen on the day! You will get two stalls over the weekend, one of the images you sent in and one of the video showcasing your brand. 

The video and images will be alternated between Saturday and Sunday, so if your images go live on Saturday your video will go live on Sunday and vice versa! You will get a 'stall time' for each. 

When your stall goes live, my advice would be to engage as much as possible on your post. Comment on your post introducing yourself and let people know you are available for questions etc. Also engage on other peoples stalls and support each other! 

Post on your social media on the day of the event so when people click on your link they have something to see! 

Here is an example of what your stall will look like! 

Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 10.04.10.png

Check list to do before the 3rd:

- Pay your stall fee of £10 via the PayPal link 

- Share our stall holder image

- Send in your video 

- Get ready to start engaging on the day!


If you have any questions, please email me on hello@kohrfashion.com! This is where you can send me your videos too! See you all on the 5th x